Letter 1


Here is my first report. I thought, that writing in English sometimes will be a goog challenge for me (Larisa, now I also like this word :) ) Moreover, translations were my big love always.

First of all, I have passed one grammatical test. Here is the result: not bad, I think. 

And this is the result of test on Lingualeo. Lovely Leo!

What I`m doing now? I continue reading "Gone with the wind" (it takes at least 10-15 minutes every morning). Moreover I`m reading one wonderful blog about an embroidery. And even this report is writing with great effort :o)

This is a beggining of a very intresting way, as for me. And I hope, it`ll bring something really importent for every participant of the project.
Good luck to everyone!

P.S. Please, don`t judge strictly :o)

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1 коммент.

  1. Hi, Sveta! Thank you for such a serious approach to OK ENGLISH project:) I think each of us will have considerable language development in due course. By the way I should say that writing is the most callenging language skill for those who studies a foreign language. But it is a very effective tool for practicing new words and grammar. So go on blogging in English and you'll make a good progress;) Good luck!


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